What is the IPOKRaTES foundation?

IPOKRaTES stands for International Postgraduate Organisation for Knowledgetransfer, Research and Teaching Excellent Students.

The IPOKRaTES-Foundation is an international, non-profit-foundation, which was founded in Vienna in 1980. Being one part of the foundation, the IPOKRaTES STUDENTS organization exists since 1994 and hosts bedside teaching seminars for students throughout hole Europe.



The aim is to enhance knowledge and clinical practice of motivated students by hosting seminars with renowned lecutrers, especially from the US & the UK.

The seminars take place since 2010 in the facilities of Medical School of the University of Cologne. These seminars usually last for one week and to encompass intensive bedside teaching according to American standards, including systematic history taking, specific techniques of patient investigation and methods to properly present patients to other collegues.

Excellent lecturers from all over the world have participated since 1994, especially from Germany, Austria, Canada, South Africa, Great Britain and the US.

Close contact to professors and constant evaluations are supposed to ensure excellent teaching.

Lectures and teaching in small groups assure a familiar atmosphere between students and lecturers.

The aim of the concept of bedside teaching with discussions about potential diagnoses and therapies is to familiarize the students with relevant pathophysiologies.

Not only does IPOKRaTES offer a great oppurtunity to get involved in these seminars, but also does it encompass eating & drinking together in the evening alongside group activities in the city of cologne!