Vanessa Vogelsang

  • TUM Medical School
  • Graduated in 2016
  • IPOKRaTES member since 2013

Which is your desired specialty and why?

Pediatrics: Such a fascinating field with a broad variety of diseases it offers a good mixture of prevention and treatment in every day work tasks interaction with children.

Why did you choose to enter the IPOKRaTES STUDENTS organizing team?

I took part in a Pediatrics bedside teaching seminar and loved it so much I knew I had to help organize more of these seminars

What makes IPOKRaTES STUDENTS so unique for you?

It brings high quality lecturers and doctors from renowned universities like Harvard to us, allowing German students to benefit from their knowledge, the great learning environment they manage to create and getting to know another approach to medicine without having to travel.

Which has been your best experience with IPOKRaTES STUDENTS so far?

Organizing seminars for other students and getting to know the lecturers “behind the scenes”.

My favorite extracuricular activities

My favorite extracurricular activity used to be travelling and hiking… Nowadays (living in a world dominated by the COVID 19 pandemic and having little children) I am thrilled whenever I can make it to river Isar with my kids.