Anastassios G. Pittas, MD MS

Professor of Medicine and Chief

Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Endocrinology and Diabetes

  • Tufts Medical Center, Boston
  • IPOKRaTES member since 2019

Specializations & Research topics

The role of vitamin D in the prevention and management of diabetes and other chronic medical conditions


Prevention of type 2 diabetes

The role of continuous glucose monitoring in pre-diabetes and established diabetes

The application of digital medicine tools in diabetes and endocrinology

Why did you choose your specialty?

Endocrinology is about what matters in life: growth, sex, food and the appreciation of the importance of maintaining balance.

Why did you choose to enter the IPOKRaTES STUDENTS organization?

I entered by serendipity when an IPOKRaTES STUDENTS faculty member had to cancel. I have stayed becaused the organizers believe that I add value to their mission and because I enjoy interacting with future generations of physicians.

What makes IPOKRaTES STUDENTS so unique for you? 

Their enthusiasm, energy and drive to learn and how they are destined to do great things in life and contribute in diverse ways.

Which has been your best experience with IPOKRaTES STUDENTS so far?

Running a 5K race in Berlin, and happy to see that the students waited for me at the finish line!

Wisdom for young people

Life is a series of dots with a path in between each dot. Always plan the next dot and how to get there but be ready to be pleasantly surprised when things don’t go according to plan, which happens often. The dots and the paths only make sense in retrospect.