Who? Prof. Mackey (Internal Medicine – Columbia University, New York)When? Sept. 12 – Sept. 16, 2022Where? […]
Do you want to make the most of each day in the hospital? You love Neurology […]
2021 is history and 2022 is getting started. 2021 was the first year overshadowed entirely by […]
This fall the IPOKRaTES STUDENTS organization is hosting a new online case discussion seminar series on […]
Interactive Online Seminar – Internal Medicine Diligent IPOKRaTES Students organizers once again made lemonade out of […]
Interactive Online Seminar – Internal Medicine IPOKRaTES Students proudly presents an online Seminar:Interactive Case Presentations and […]
We all welcome you to our brand new website for IPOKRaTES STUDENTS!We are still working on […]