We are back and finding our footing in a world increasingly getting better at dealing with the pandemic. In our last holiday greetings, we mentioned the difficulty of predicting 2022. We were only thinking about Covid, and how it would impact our goal, to bring back in-person seminars. Little did we anticipate prices for travel and hotels to increase by as much as they did. Looking at all this, we are more than proud of our organizers for the funding they secured, and thankful to our sponsors and universities for their support.

See You in Munich

We enjoyed two fantastic seminars in Berlin and Innsbruck, on Neurology and Internal Medicine, and are looking forward to the next internal medicine seminar taking place in Munich this coming spring. Sign up here! Hana and Steve are looking forward to meeting you.

Become an Organizer

Like every year, our organizers are graduating or have already graduated. A heart-felt thanks to all organizers, especially to those who graduated and stuck around even while starting their first job after medical school as young doctors. We have organizers who joined during the pandemic taking on leading roles and setting up their first in-person seminars, while they themselves have only ever attended online seminars. They are doing a superb job.

Are you interested in organizing? Get in touch! With travel mostly unrestricted again, it is now time to dust off those suitcases and actually meet face to face again and share experiences in ways we were not able to over the last two years. We now have the opportunity to work together, to better understand each other, both patients and doctors, and to patiently address patients’ concerns. Especially for the latter, we need well-trained doctors. Doctors who are good teachers. Remember, the word doctor derives from docere, the Latin word for “to teach.” We will continue to put this into practice (pun intended), learn how to be better organizers, and help build the next generation of young educators, teachers, doctors.

See you at our next seminar.

Vanessa and David