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  • Happy Holidays
    We are back and finding our footing in a world increasingly getting better at dealing with the pandemic. In our last holiday greetings, we mentioned the difficulty of predicting 2022. We were only thinking about Covid, and how it would impact our goal, to bring back in-person seminars. Little did we anticipate prices for travel… Read more: Happy Holidays
  • Happy 2022 from the IPOKRaTES Students Board
    2021 is history and 2022 is getting started. 2021 was the first year overshadowed entirely by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we hope to see things improve this year, it is always hard to accurately predict the future. To navigate these uncharted waters and uncertain times of 2021, it was important to us to continue to… Read more: Happy 2022 from the IPOKRaTES Students Board
  • Another Successful Pandemic Seminar
    Interactive Online Seminar – Internal Medicine Diligent IPOKRaTES Students organizers once again made lemonade out of lemons by organizing a fantastic online seminar and making the best out of the pandemic situation. This way, they enabled the continuation of our mission to connect motivated, like-minded students and lecturers from all over the world, and fuel… Read more: Another Successful Pandemic Seminar
  • New Website
    We all welcome you to our brand new website for IPOKRaTES STUDENTS!We are still working on content and design, if you have any suggestions for new content please feel free to contact us at any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you! The website Team

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